PHP Matsuri was awesome!

PHP Matsuri is biggest php hackathon event which happens in Japan. About hundred of php hackers were around there. And they wrote their code, attended workshops and saw authors of frameworks. The venue was hotel and this event has been continuing about 30-hours. All people got fantastic time which is not able to explain in text. See the picture above. Can you see everybody seem tired and smiling? That is the proof of fantastic time.
I was one of organizers. Also I made a hack for CandyCane while this hackathon. Before writing post about the hack, I would explain what was PHP Matsuri.

Great Sessions


We’ve been inviting speakers from various framework communities. We had five of great guest speakers:

Each session were really impressive and provide latest information of web programming. We recorded those sessions. Now those are online at Vimeo.

24-hours hackathon

The hackspace was lines of big table located backside of venue. It opened at noon of first day and closed at noon of second day. It kept open over night. Almost 30-peoples kept developing over night. People spent lot of beers, energy drinks,snacks, musics, ninja costume, Angry Birds on big screen and their passion. Those things made us really productive.

41-demos at 2nd day

After the hack time, 41-peoples applied their hack to demo sessions. Each presenter had 3-minutes appealing time. Having 40 of lightning talks is bad idea under the normal circumstance. But PHP Matsuri made it special. We really enjoyed those talks and We hoped it doesn’t end. This part is most important element of this event. And this moment shows up only for people who participated 24-hours hackathon.

This post is too short to explain how was it exciting event. If you feel something from this post, I hope you will join us this event on next time. See you there!