CandyCane v0.9 beta release (CakePHP2 version of Redmine)

We are on CakePHP2.1 now

Download CandyCane on GitHub

After more than 200 of commits, CandyCane has become CakePHP2 based application. This migration was very tough, but it also gave us increasing performance, more flexibility for expansion and many new eager developers. Let’s see this commit log from git.

$ git shortlog -sn v0.8.6..v0.9-beta
106 Yusuke Ando
101 ialbors
19 Dima
11 kiang
10 hamaco
8 Kaz Watanabe
4 mzdakr
1 Ignacio Albors

They are AWESOME. Each developers have done great job by thier creativity. Especially ialbors made huge amounts of commits to migrate to Cake2.

New features, Plugin

However this release is focussing CakePHP2 migration, There are some new features and Plugin.

Emoji Plugin

Click to enlarge.

Do you like “Emoticons” on GitHub? This plugin allows to use same code on your CandyCane installation. This just first release of this. but icon sizing and input support may be done by Plugin update. This Plugin is NOT done by me. Yes this is a first plugin code from community! To use Emoticon, install this plugin from admin page, and write emoticon code like:

:smile: :+1: :octocat:

Polar Bear Installer and Postgres support

Quick installation is very strong point of CandyCane. This quick installer got 2 more great changes. First one is obvious. Cute Polar Bear will watch you while your 30 secondes installation. And seconde is more technical, it doesn’t appear on interface, but CandyCane and Installer now support PostgreSQL internally.


This is another JOKE plugin on CandyCane. But it also shows how to create CandyCane plugin and Plugin works really fine on CakePHP2 version of CandyCane.

Next Release

We are still fixing some issues on migration. And some more new features on plan. If you found some issue, Please tell us on our tracker.

Download CandyCane on GitHub

Change Log

  • Bug #255: replace codeBlock method.
  • Bug #258: replace aa function and a function to array function
  • Bug #259: Html helper escape image tag
  • Bug #260: change how to access request parameter
  • Bug #262: Tags definition became protected property
  • Bug #264: headers of issue seems strange.
  • Bug #265: Capitalize directories
  • Bug #266: Can not edit or delete issue category.
  • Bug #267: Bad links: id as a named parameter.
  • Bug #268: ユーザ名の表示書式が設定通りに表示しない。
  • Bug #272: Incorrect version
  • Bug #273: Can’t save user query
  • Bug #274: can’t create wiki page
  • Bug #275: Error comment news
  • Bug #278: Issue statuses not work
  • Bug #279: can’t create custom field
  • Bug #280: Problem with workflow
  • Bug #281: Problem with delete and edit roles
  • Bug #284: Can’t delete project
  • Bug #288: Error roadmap filter
  • Bug #289: Can’t create issue category from issue/add page.
  • Bug #290: ElementHook can’t work on Cake2
  • Bug #291: Issues context menu
  • Bug #292: Visible link “administration” for guest
  • Enhancement #254: CakePHP2.1 migration.
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  1. question

     /  September 23, 2012

    Any plans on implementing Repository viewer any time soon?


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