Running PHP on Heroku with mbstring

Heroku is PasS environment which supports PHP unofficially. It is missing some of extensions initially. One instance is mbstring. However I noticed that mbstring is able to build on heroku run bash and can be loaded from project local php.ini configuration.
I put the on github. If you need it, just copy into your project and put php.ini which include:



This application is running on heroku with mbstring.

Enjoy php on heroku!

CandyCane v0.8.6 is available now.

Download section on github

3 months have passed from last release. Finally I published zip and tar ball of latest CandyCane. This release fixes various bugs. Particularly account management section got better email support for account activation.
Many new contributors made these progress. They are really great supporter of CandyCane. I will buy a beer each next time I meet them.

git shortlog -sn v0.8.5...v0.8.6
    26  Yusuke Ando
     7  Mindiell
     5  okonomi
     3  ialbors
     2  Shogo Kawahara
     1  Òscar Casajuana
     1  Ignacio Albors
     1  Sebastien pencreach
     1  Hisateru Tanaka

I’m focusing on migration to CakePHP2.1 for next release. CakePHP2.1 will bring huge productivity for CandyCane. Cherry trees may be cerebrating our release I guess.

  • Bug #215: ユーザー追加画面にアクセスするとPHPのNoticeメッセージが表示される
  • Bug #216: DBの初期データでユーザーの言語設定値が間違っている
  • Bug #217: Email notifications
  • Bug #219: チケット一覧に期限日を表示すると開始日が表示される
  • Bug #223: Projects can’t be removed
  • Bug #227: Unable to set admin user
  • Bug #231: Administration / Informations
  • Bug #233: Preview of a wiki page
  • Bug #234: Number format in help text when creating a new project
  • Bug #238: Number of issues
  • Bug #239: Creating a role with a name length greater than 10 characters
  • Bug #240: Forbidden characters in user name ?
  • Bug #241: No notifications to admin when a new user subscribe
  • Bug #243: Trying to unarchive a project : url not found
  • Bug #249: Unable to uninstall the cc_like_it plugin
  • Enhancement #226: configuration of a project
  • Enhancement #232: Modifying version