Introducing CakePHP version of Redmine.

Redmine is a popular bug tracking system which is built on Ruby on Rails. It has great functionality – managing bugs, organizing multiple project, customizability from administrator dashboard. But sometimes rails based application requires extra care for versioning of Ruby and related gems.

If Redmine is built on PHP, it would be easy to use.

On April,2009 we were inspired from this simple idea, and named this project as “CandyCane”. Now we released CandyCane v0.8.1.

Easy install

CandyCane has more than 130 action converted to CakePHP code. Project is focusing on basic issue management and WordPress like 3-minutes install. You can setup CandyCane very quick. Just upload files under document root, navigate to index and follow the instruction. if you don’t like it, just delete the folder and database tables. CandyCane doesn’t require any command line operation or administrator privilege.
CandyCane is also internationalized with gettext based locale file. It already supports 8-languages(chi,deu,eng,fre,jpn,rum,rus,tha). As we receive more translations, we make them available for immediate use within CandyCane. If you want to assist with translation, please feel free to send a pull request via Github.



16-developers contributed to CandyCane project already. On April 2009, eight Japanese CakePHP developers had 100-hours hackathon to start this project. Although 100 hours is not short, we were unable to finish in this time. Project has been continuing on internet. I, yando had a presentation about CandyCane on official CakePHP event “CakeFest 2011”. After that more developers started contributing project. It is including Graham Weldon (predominant) who is a core developer of CakePHP framework. Project keeps going on and it’s getting more active than before.


CandyCane is not supporting repository viewer, gant chart, documents and forum feature. In CandyCane, those features will be implemented as plugin. We are going to work on code clean up including migration to newer version of CakePHP. After that build structure for plugin system. We will appreciate any bug report, translation, documenting and sending pull request!

Other Materials

Project on github.

Live demo and bug tracking of CandyCane itself.

presentation slide from CakeFest 2011.

screen cast of issue tracking. (early edition)

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  1. pg77

     /  March 31, 2012

    How does one add a new project!

  2. yandod

     /  April 1, 2012

    Did you install CandyCane?
    To create project, sign in as admin and go to administration menu from top left menu.
    Then you can create a project from menu.


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